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A commemorative exhibition dedicated to the Battle of Falkirk is going on public display to coincide with the 720th anniversary of the event. Callendar House in Falkirk will be filled with a collection of historical objects from this Saturday, including a sword reputedly used by Sir John de Graeme, in a nod to the 1298 battle. The sword, donated to Falkirk Community Trust by the Masonic Lodge in Auchterarder, was passed down through the de Graeme family until it was handed to the lodge for safekeeping in 1792 by William Graeme of Orchill, its Right Worshipful Master. Sir John de Graeme was born in the Carron Valley and fought alongside Sir William Wallace, becoming a good friend and trusted advisor of the Scottish leader. He was killed in battle after supposedly being struck from behind through a gap in his armour by an unseen assailant as he fought an English knight. According to a later account of the battle, in a 1470s poem written by Blind Harry, Sir Wallace searched for Sir de Graeme’s body and carried him to the churchyard at Falkirk for burial, where he remains to this day. Grangemouth councillor Robert Spears, who played an instrumental role in organising the loan, said: “I am delighted that the sword will be in Callendar House in time for the commemorations and am sure that it will prove a major attraction to the Battle of Falkirk display during its special loan period.” The Battle of Falkirk Commemoration Community will hold a wreath-laying service and ceremony at 1pm this Saturday at Sir John de Graeme’s tomb in the Trinity Church. Members will then head to Callander Park to the 1298 Memorial Cairn.

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